Style Secrets for Thin Hair

Hair comes in all sorts of colors, shapes, and thicknesses; it is part of what makes it so much fun to work with! Your hair is a fundamental part of how you present yourself to the world. Many people dream of luscious, thick, shiny locks; it’s a beauty standard in North America. While you can do a lot with dyes and products to alter your hair’s natural state, there are some factors that you just can’t change—like having naturally thin or fine hair that lies flat against your head. While some people may opt for extensions to bulk up their locks, the process is expensive and time-consuming. Luckily, there are many ways to stylishly wear naturally thin hair. It’s all a matter of knowing what works, and what doesn’t. Combing blonde hair

The Cut
Much hullabaloo is made about layered haircuts; for thick hair, it’s the best way to get some shape and take out excess bulk. But if your hair is fine, you don’t need to take any of it away! A blunt, straight cut is the best option for naturally thin hair. Really long locks can maybe get one or two short layers, but no more than that. Avoid using feathering razors or texturizing scissors; the process can leave your ends looking stringy and sparse. Meet with a stylist who knows thin hair; a good cut will give you some volume. Trim often to help maintain your hair’s shape and keep the ends looking healthy.

The Length
Fine hair isn’t universal; some people have baby-fine strands, but lots of them. Others have very thin hair in small volumes. Either way, experts agree: when your hair is thin, it’s best to keep it relatively short. Long styles can end up looking very stringy, which is the opposite of what you want to achieve! A shoulder-length cut is probably the longest you’ll want to go; a very (very!) light layering will give you some structure. But fine hair looks really good in shorter styles, which are easier to shape. Try a bob—short and choppy, or classically blunt. Both styles are low maintenance, but light and fun. If you’ve got the right face shape for a pixie cut, it’s hard to go wrong with it!

The Products
For thin hair, the key is volume, volume, and more volume! Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, and try to keep your hair really clean; oil and product buildup will weigh you down. Use these products sparingly, and make sure that all of the conditioner is washed out of your hair; if any of it is left in, it can cause droopiness. Try a luscious volumizing mousse on clean wet hair, and blow-dry your locks upside-down; it’ll increase the fullness. A diffuser attachment on your hair dryer will help give you bouncy curls, which can add fullness and movement. Try gently back-combing your hair at the crown, then pull your locks into a ponytail.

Hair Tips for the Holiday Party Season

It’s December, and for most people that means that they’ll soon be decking the halls and attending a number of festivities; Christmas, winter break, and New Year’s Eve are all around the corner. Whether you’re going to a school dance or an office shindig, you’ll want to look your best around this very festive season. And nothing is more frustrating than working on a hairstyle for hours, only to look in the mirror during your party to find that it’s a limp, frizzy, or shapeless mess. How can you keep your curls bouncy, maintain that perfect flip, and prevent updo-ruining flyaways? Here are a few tips to keep your hair gorgeous.

Wash Your Hair (Except for Updos)
Want to get bouncy ringlets, or sleek and straight locks? Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. The dirt and oil that builds up on your scalp will be stubbornly resistant to heat tools, and will make your hair look dull. Use a heat-protecting product and blow-dry your hair curly or straight, then use an iron to seal in the look. If you’re planning an updo, freshly washed hair can slide out of pins; having a little buildup can give it better grip. Be sure to use hairspray to lock in any problematic spots before they start. Of course, the messy bun is always a classic, fun, laid-back way to keep your hair up!
Use the Right Product
For straight hair, try a humidity-blocking spray to finish; it will help protect your locks from curling up in a room full of people. If you’ve gone with curls, make sure you’ve locked them in with a good hairspray. From start to finish, don’t forget about product! This counts double if you live in an area where the winter is cold and blustery; the lowered temperatures affect your hair’s strength. Make sure your hair is nourished with a good conditioner, and don’t fry your hair on a high-setting blow dryer; it will cause even more damage to stressed locks.

Accessorize Right
If you worry about hat-hair (and who doesn’t?), invest in a good pair of earmuffs; they won’t crush your coiffe nearly as much! If you’re looking to add a little glitter to your party outfit, consider a subtle tinsel-inspired headband or a festive flowered clip.

Book a Haircut NOW
December is a busy time for hair stylists, so book a touch-up as soon as you can. If your roots are starting to show or you’re struggling with split ends, get in the chair earlier rather than trying in vain to get a last-minute cut and wash later in the month. Take care of your color and haircut now, and wear a fresh look for the entire month without stress. Happy holidays!

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Do you remember when you last cut your hair? The memory might be fuzzy, and the exact date lost in the undercurrent of a busy schedule. If you regularly color your hair, your roots will clearly signal just how long it’s been since your last appointment. Those with short styles might have a better recollection; cropped cuts will quickly look awkward when they haven’t been trimmed properly, thus providing a helpful reminder that it’s time for a touch-up. But people with long hair might not recognize the subtle symptoms of an unkempt mane.

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